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Free Luxury Swatches!

So you love a bag but are unsure of a leather or color? No problem—we’ve got you covered! Most Gida Bavari bags have swatches available and are shipped free.  Of course we also offer free shipping on all handbag purchases and returns (for account holders) so that’s always easy too….but hey, we want to lavish you with options. :) . Here’s how to order your complimentary swatches:

1.  Go to the shop page of your desired bag.
2.  Click on the “Swatch Me!” tab within the bag description.
3.  Click on the box beside the desired swatch (or swatches) shown as available.
4.  Click “submit”.
5.  Swatches will be shipped to you free via US Mail within 48 hours.

NOTE:  You must be logged into your Gida Bavari account to order swatches. Don’t have an account? No problem. Create an account (and become a VIP) by visiting the login/create account page.  It’s easy, free, and full of perks!


As if complimentary luxury swatches aren’t enough…are you aware that every bag comes with a Lifetime Repair Warranty? Oh, and FREE shipping on all orders too! Wow, what else is awesome about us? I’m glad you asked. Account Holders (VIP’s) get FREE return shipping AND 5% off every bag purchase every time! I know, we rock (end applause). Here’s the skinny on all the VIP Benefits.