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Lifetime Repair Warranty

Gida Bavari handbags are hand crafted in NYC with meticulous attention to detail and fine quality throughout the manufacturing process. Each bag is individually inspected to ensure it merits the Gida Bavari name before it is lovingly shipped out to its new gorgeous owner.

Regardless of superior care, there are times when a rivet can come loose, or a thread pulled. For this reason, every Gida Bavari bag purchased at comes with our exclusive Lifetime Repair Warranty. This Warranty ensures you will enjoy your Gida Bavari bag for years to come!

What qualifies under the Lifetime Repair Warranty?

Repairs under the Warranty specifically covers workmanship issues from the construction of the bag, including, but not necessarily limted to loose seams in the lining and leather, loose handles, and some broken zippers.

Hardware issues?
If you have lost or broken hardware, we will do our best to fix or replace it at our cost. We do carry stock of all hardware for this reason. In the rare instance that the hardware is no longer available, and the existing hardware can not be fixed, we will contact you with other options.

What is not covered under the Lifetime Repair Warranty?

Standard wear and tear of a Gida Bavari handbag is not covered under the Warranty. Please keep in mind that leather takes on certain characteristics over a period of normal wear that are not considered a defect and therefore is not covered. For instance, the leather may gradually darken to a richer shade with time. This sort of natural aging, along with certain amounts of stretching and softening, creates a distinctive, matured appearance that will continue to enhance over time.

If a handbag is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, it may lighten. This is expected of most leather, and therefore extended exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

Additional wear and tear that is not covered includes, but is not limited to: dirt (cleaning), damage from improper use, stains, hardware scratches and discoloration due to improper exposure, rips and tears.

Not sure if your bag repair is covered? No problem.

Regardless of the situation at hand, we will always do our best assist you with your issue. If you are unsure if your repair is covered, we encourage you to contact us with the details. We’ll let you know on the spot, or soon after, if we can cover it. We take all repairs on a case by case basis since we are not able to list every potential fix on our site. Our goal is simply to ensure you will always be happy with your Gida Bavari handbag!

Getting Your Fix. Simple. Excellent.

If you find yourself needing a repair, please follow these simple steps:

      1. Contact Gida Bavari’s customer service with your repair request. If your request appears to qualify for repair, a simple form will be emailed to you along with return instructions for the bag. Shipping of the bag to us is covered by the shipper.
      2. Upon receipt, we will examine the bag to determine if it can be repaired or replaced. If it can be repaired, we will repair it and return it back to you free of  charge! Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the repair before you can expect to receive your bag.

If your repair falls under our Warranty, but it can not be repaired for any reason, we will contact you with one, or all, of the following options for your selection:

      1. Replace the handbag with same model and color if available, and ship it back to you at our cost.
      2. Grant a store credit equal to the retail value of the your original bag and email the credit to you. In this instance your original bag will not be returned to you.
      3. Return your original bag, and provide you with a partial store credit determined on a case by case basis. We will ship you your original bag at our cost.
      4. In the case of hardware or other material replacement, we may offer a similar material replacement if the original material is no longer available.

Please contact customer service if you have any questions regarding our Lifetime warranty.